Jewelry Care 


Tiny Torch jewelry is made from uncoated metals, which will evolve with wear. To preserve the condition of your jewelry, we recommend the following: 

Take off your jewelry before swimming, gardening, playing sports, serious kitchen work, or moving heavy objects.

Wipe down your jewelry before storing it. Sweat and cosmetics encourage tarnish and discoloration. 

Store jewelry in an airtight plastic bag, and if you can, put in an anti-tarnish strip, a piece of chalk, or a silica gel packet. These will help prevent tarnish caused by air and moisture. 


Options for cleaning tarnished jewelry. 

  • Wipe with a silver polishing cloth. Note: Polishing cloths that are labeled for use on silver will typically also work to remove tarnish from brass or copper. 
  • Make a paste out of baking soda and lemon juice. scrub gently with an old tooth brush and wash clean.